Information for patients having a transfusion

The National Blood Service produces a number of leaflets for patients having a blood transfusion. Youll find the following leaflets and much more on the National Blood Service website (opens in a new window):

Will I need a blood transfusion? 

Why you might need a blood transfusion, the risks and benefits and how will you feel during a blood transfusion.

Information for patients needing irradiated blood

Why is irradiated blood needed? Do all types of blood need to be irradiated? Does irradiation damage the blood?

Iron in your diet 

The importance of iron in the diet and what can happen if they have low iron levels. The leaflet has been produced in collaboration with the British Dietetic Association and contains information on foods that are rich in iron.

Receiving a plasma transfusion 

Important information for parents of babies and young children receiving fresh frozen plasma.

Blood groups and red cell antibodies in pregnancy 

Important information relating to blood groups and red cell antibodies in pregnancy.

Platelet groups and antibodies in pregnancy 

Children's leaflets, including: Amazing you - let's learn about blood, Microsub discovery and Children receiving a blood transfusion - a parent's guide.

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