Private gynaecology services

Private urogynaecology and pelvic floor dysfunction service

Our caring and compassionate staff will always strive to put you at ease should you need to come in for a visit to our gynaecology clinics.

Our lead consultant, Mr Demetri C Panayi (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Accredited Urogynaecologist and Lead for Urogynaecology at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust) is supported by sisters, staff nurses, healthcare assistants and support staff, to provide expert care on the Northey Suite, which is based at Epsom Hospital.

Mr Panayi and his team offer a urogynaecology and childbirth injury service, which works with women who have:

  • Problems with incontinence of urine
  • Prolapse of the vagina or uterus
  • Pain in the bladder, urethra or the vagina
  • Recurrent or repeated urinary infections or cystitis
  • Experienced trauma during childbirth and need further care afterwards.

Childbirth should be a happy event for a woman and her partner, but sadly, a small number of women find their delivery to be traumatic and need further care afterwards.

The childbirth injury service is there for these women. It incorporates an antenatal service for women who have previously sustained physical injury in childbirth to manage subsequent pregnancies, as well as a comprehensive postnatal service including assessment of women who have suffered from trauma to the anal sphincter, including endoanal ultrasound and manometry to assess anal sphincter function.

We also offer a urogynaecology service for women who have problems with urinary incontinence, repeated urinary tract infections or cystitis. 

We offer a range of non-invasive, medical and surgical treatments including keyhole, outpatient services, vaginal and abdominal techniques and employ advanced investigations including ultrasound, urodynamics, and endoanal assessment.

If you have previously been seen and treated for any of the conditions above, we can still help. Because in addition to the services listed above, we care for women with more complex problems (such as those who have been previously treated for these conditions without success or previously had surgery), as well as women who have more than one pelvic floor condition.

Epsom and St Helier is an accredited centre for dealing with complications of vaginal mesh (implants that are sometimes offered to women suffering from stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse) recognised by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).

We can also help women who have other disorders that affect the urinary system such as Ehlers Danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia and neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS). We care for women with chronic pelvic pain, as well as urethral, vaginal and bladder pain problems.

The Northey Suite at Epsom Hospital

The Northey Suite offers patients the best of both worlds; the independence of private healthcare in a trusted and safe NHS environment. 

During your stay at the Northey Suite, you will experience a high standard of accommodation and hospitality with 24-hour access to care with a consultant of your choice.

Please contact the Northey Suite for further information.

The Northey Suite
Epsom Hospital
Dorking Road
KT18 7EG

T: 01372 735 000

Visit the website at Pricing will depend on clinical need and will be provided upon request.


Dr Panayi - a profile

Picture of Dr Panayi Dr Demetri C Panayi, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, subspecialist Urogynaecologist.

Mr Panayi is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and accredited Subspecialist Urogynaecologist. He is the lead urogynaecologist at Epsom and St Helier hospitals, after completing his subspecialist training at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust where he also completed his medical degree.

He practises urogynaecology and management of women’s pelvic floor disorders to a tertiary level including medical and surgical management of complex conditions. He is also responsible for setting up the perineal clinic service at St Helier Hospital which assesses and manages women who have sustained serious childbirth injuries.

Mr Panayi has conducted research into the investigation and management of female urinary incontinence, prolapse and chronic vaginal and bladder pain syndromes. He has a particular interest in ultrasound imaging of the lower urinary tract and urodynamics assessment and has published his research and written articles in international peer-reviewed journals and presented at international and national scientific meetings. He has been invited to author book chapters and has spoken at international and national conferences.

Mr Panayi is a member of the British Society of Urogynaecologists, United Kingdom Continence Society, International Continence Society, International Urogynaecological Association and International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Dr Panayi's special interests and treatments are in childbirth injury, urinary incontinence in women, uterine prolapse, vaginal prolapse, repeat prolapse or incontinence after surgery, bladder and vaginal pain, vaginal reconstruction, gynaecology.

Qualifications - MBBS(Lon) BSc(Hons) MRCOG. GMC number is 4438782

Contact Dr Panayi via his secretary, Amy Foskett-Jones at


Tel: 07990 781826
Fax: 020 8082 5560




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