Paediatric epilepsy

Meet the team:

Dr Maria Garcia - Paediatric Consultant (Epsom)

Dr Sandy Blewitt - Paediatric Consultant (QMHC)

Dr Mohammed Arzomand - Associate Specialist with special interest in epilepsy (QMHC)

Naomi Hodges - Epilepsy Specialist Nurse (Epsom)

Flo Kennard - Epilepsy Specialist Nurse (QMHC)

Grant Fenwick - Patient Pathway Coordinator (QMHC)

Emily Davson - Patient Pathway Coordinator (Epsom)


QMHC contact details:

Patient pathway coordinator - 0208 296 3021 

Flo Kennard - 07975232580 


Epsom contact details:

Patient pathway coordinator - 01372 735735 ext 6925

Naomi Hodges - 07810850436


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