Paediatric radiology

We aim to deliver a high quality X-ray and ultrasound service. All our X-ray equipment has been modified for paediatric imaging and to minimise the radiation dose to children.

All requests are carefully vetted and relevant imaging is executed for appropriate diagnostic results whilst keeping the radiation to the minimum.

We use specially designed additional X-ray filters to reduce radiation to eyes, breast tissue, gonads, mandibles and long bones. Each X-ray unit is fitted with a dose area product meter (DAP) to record the radiation dose. All our doses are below the current national diagnostic reference levels, particularly in fluoroscopy. Wherever appropriate, non-ionisation imaging is used.

Our staff

  • Paediatric consultant radiologists
  • Paediatric imaging superintendent
  • Paediatric trained senior radiographers and ultrasonographers
  • Paediatric trained staff nurse
  • Experienced team of clinical services assistants dedicated to working in a paediatric X-ray reception.

Our diagnostic services

  • All general X-ray referrals from A&E, outpatient department clinics and GPs
  • Dental and orthodontic referrals with special radiation protection to eyes and thyroids
  • All specialist orthopaedic referrals, eg hips, spines and feet
  • Fluoroscopy procedures for barium/contrast studies.

We provide ultrasound imaging for:

  • Abdomen and pelvis
  • Renal/urinary tract
  • Hip scanning for dynamic dysplasia of the hip (DDH)
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Soft parts/soft tissue swelling
  • Neonatal spine
  • Neonatal head/cranial.

Our child-friendly facilities

  • A dedicated fluoroscopy and general x-ray room
  • A dedicated general X-ray room
  • A dedicated dental X-ray room
  • A dedicated ultrasound room
  • Waiting room and mother and baby changing room
  • 'Drop off' zone in front of the children's hospital entrance.

We are flexible with appointments to allow for feeds, travelling from long distances, etc. 

Full details of examination preparation/instructions for fluroscopy X-rays and ultrasounds are provided with appointment letters at the time of making the appointment. In addition, information leaflets for more complex investigations are provided as appropriate. You will have the opportunity to discuss special procedures with our paediatric nurse or senior radiographer.

Audit and research

  • Screening programme for DDH and antenatal hydronephrosis
  • Participate in audit and research comprising both national and international programmes
  • Published a book "Guidelines on best practice in X-ray imaging of children"
  • Written paediatric chapter in textbook of "Positioning in radiography" by Kitty Clarke
  • Participation in national and international research, including providing paediatric doses for the development of national diagnostic dose reference levels by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Key staff

Dr Valmai Cook

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist

Dr Liam Woods

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist

Dr Alaa Witwit 

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist

Kaye Shah 

Paediatric Imaging Superintendent


Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, ground floor

Opening hours

Monday - Friday, 9am-4.30pm

Contact details

Reception for general enquires and appointments
Tel: 020 8296 3028

Secretary and radiologist 
Tel: 020 8296 3013/3028

GP referrals

Walk-in service Monday - Friday 9am - 3.30pm

Our dedicated paediatric X-ray department is a specialised, self-contained X-ray and ultrasound department located on the ground floor of Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, our dedicated children’s hospital based at St Helier. 

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